Hell’s Church and its story (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

If you live around canton, GA, you may have heard about a place called hell’s church, especially if you are a horror enthusiast.  I’ve went to the site with my friend John to see if it’s worth visiting, and I must say, it’s the most haunted place we’ve been to.

Various rumors have been perpetrated over the years about Satanic rituals taking place at the church.  The body of a boy was supposedly found in the 1980’s somewhere on the church grounds as a result of a cult killing, but no proof has been found.  I did plenty of searches, but couldn’t find anything.  I did find couple of online claims that said the information existed, but it’s nothing credible.

Besides the rumors about Satan worship, the church is supposed to also be haunted.  Visitors to the church have said they hear music, which is believed to be organ music being played within the church.  They sometimes see figures and lights moving around in the church and on the grounds, when no one is supposed to be there.  Also, people claim to feel a “negative presence” and to see orbs in pictures taken on the property.  My friend did feel a negative presence after a while and asked if we could leave after an hour or so.  A lot of them believe it centers around a “hanging tree” that sits along the edge of the graveyard, which is said to be where people were hung previously.

I believe this place had the most background stories and the most eerie feeling out of all the places I’ve visited.  If anything, I’d say this place definitely is haunted.

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