Abandoned prison farm (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

This place is located next to a police training school, so I was a bit hesitant at first, but i’m glad i ended up going.  My buddy John Wade decided to be the host in the video, so hope you guys enjoy it.

It’s known that on October of 2009, the roof caught fire at the Atlanta Prison Farm. The place had been a defunct prison during the time of the fire and was known that the operation of the prison ended in 1995. The firefighters found that they didn’t want to waste their time to stop the fire on an abandoned prison, so they just left it to burn itself out. After they let the place burn out, it was then left abandoned.

The story is that there were indeed people during the time of fire.  Group of trespassers were playing with fire and happened to get stuck in it.  Now they haunt and protect the place, which is why the place wasn’t destroyed and left abandoned.

The site continues to sit unused, except by urban explorers, and occasionally the homeless. I suggest you to not go at all due to the dangers involved with this place, and due to the fact that this is a no trespassing area (i did not see no enter signs, however, i know this is a no trespass area). There are dangerous areas, such as obscured holes that open into the generator house many feet below, along with rusted nails and glass scattered throughout the place.  I can also tell you that the place isn’t haunted.

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