Adventure to Oakland cemetery in Atlanta, GA (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

Today, I visited the Oakland cemetery in Atlanta, GA, known to be haunted by many enthusiast.
The place have been around since the early 1800’s and is divided into multiple sections to include blank, potter, Jew, confederate, and other race sections, which was pretty unique in its own way.

The cemetery is the final resting place of more than 70,000 people to include governors, military generals, and several other famous residents.  Within the this beautiful 40 acres, the cemetery has many unknown buried and according to paranormal experts, numerous spirits, both angry and friendly.  I’ve myself took my paranormal detectors to see if it picks up anything, but i haven’t gotten anything special. The most well known paranormal activity is that of the roll call of the dead. It is said that on the Confederate side of the burial grounds, people have heard names being called out in a military-like roll call. Responses to the names being called have also been heard. Other disturbing sightings include visitors seeing a Union soldier being hung from a tree and the sight of Jasper Newton Smith rising out of his statue in the middle of the night to watch over the cemetery.

As you can see from the video i made for you below, the place is near Marta train station, so you don’t need to drive. However, if you do drive, there are free parking spots available.
The place is free, but one can pay $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors 65 and over for a guide.  The guide will take you around the graveyard at night and tell you some entertaining stories about the past local stories.  There are many fascinating stories to be unfold in this place.

This had to be the most beautiful graveyard i visited.  The place is well kept and have many people jogging around the graveyard due to its beauty.  I can tell you that the place isn’t really haunted, because the place is well lit during the night.


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