Bonaventure cemetery Savannah, GA (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

This is a another fantastic cemetery you can’t miss in the state of Georgia.
If you like reading, there is a 1994 novel titled “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” written by John Berendt.   This book also happen to be adapted into a movie directed by Clint Eastwood.
There are many haunted statues, but I’d like to go over Little Gracie Watson and Corinne. According to a plaque at Gracie’s grave, the “beautiful and charming little girl” died of pneumonia at the age of six, and the legend has it that she now haunts the visitors who visits and won’t leave coins and toys at her grave.  Some says that the girl cries whenever someone removes the trinkets. Others say tears of blood flow from the statue’s eyes. Bonaventure officials have fenced off Gracie’s grave to protect it from certain visitors, but the locals say the fence is meant to contain Gracie’s playful spirit.  There is also an angel sculpture named Corinne, whom people reported that she makes angry faces upon contact to visitors she hates and smiles at visitors she fancies.

After visiting the place, I’ve found nothing paranormal about the place myself.  The place does have an eerie mood, but it’s to be expected, since the place is very swampy.

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