Cloud Chamber, a natural camera obscura?

Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky is an outdoor exhibit located in the center of a museum park in North Carolina Museum of Art.  One of my buddy “hutch” told me that the chamber is a giant projector that only uses sunlight.  Basically the place is light-tight when its door is closed, except for one hole on top of the roof, creating a camera obscura.  The hole projects Images of the sun, clouds, and trees onto the white walls of the interior of the chamber, allowing people to walk on trees and clouds.

After the story, I’ve decided to check out the place myself to see if the story is real or not.  I haven’t found any good pictures on the internet, so I had my doubts, even if it was a part of an museum attraction.  I mean, it’s a giant projector that uses only sunlight, that’s located inside a small forest.  Come on.  You’d have doubts too.

IMG_2194 IMG_2196 IMG_2198IMG_2192

That’s me on top of the monument for scale, the place is around 14-foot diameter in size .  I’ve got on top of it to locate the hole and to see if it’s getting enough light source.  Once you enter inside the chamber and close the door, you would need to wait for a while, so your eyes can adjust. A cone of light, let in from a pinhole compression ring located on the top of the dome, does indeed project images into the space.  I was actually surprised and wanted to take pictures, but the camera was ineffective in this otherwise completely pitch-black chamber (I didn’t bring light source with me on this trip).  The place projected a blurry scene of the forest for me to walk on, which was pretty neat.  It definitely isn’t HD, but it’s an worth while image.  I honestly suggest you to visit the place because it offers not only the chamber, but many other lovely attractions.

IMG_2181 IMG_2182

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