Devil’s tramping ground (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

If you live in North Carolina and haven’t heard of devil’s tramping ground, you are definitely missing out. This place has been around for a long time and have been a popular tourist spot for people who seek paranormal activities. It’s known that if you sleep at the circular site, you’ll be pushed out of the circle that you sleep upon. The place definitely wasn’t outlandish when i visited, hardly, if any at all. What’s more interesting is the forest surrounding the so called tramping ground, known to have big foot. If you are planning to camp near the area, you should take a flashlight and go on a tour in the forest at night. That’ll keep your blood pumping, more so than staying in the circle all night. I also made a video for you guys to enjoy when i was there.

The place isn’t really an ideal place to camp out due to all the ticks around the area.  There are many trash left by previous campers who believed it was haunted.  My honest opinion on this place is that the place isn’t haunted at all and is just a local story made up by the locals to attract visitors.

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