Haunted whirligigs park / Acid park (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

I’ve decided to visit this place by myself on the way back home from a GMAT exam.  The place was sadly closed down with keep out signs everywhere.  Since I didn’t ask the property owner if I could enter before-hand, I’ve decided to stay out and shoot the video from the outside.

According to urban legend from wilson, Vollis Simpson’s daughter was driving home late at night after having done Lysergic acid diethylamide / LSD. During her drive, she went crazy and crashed into the park. She didn’t survive and was killed in the ensuing wreck. After her death, her father had dreams of what she saw the night she drove. Over the next forty years, he set about to memorialize her tragic death with massive reflector-covered windmills. This is the background story of how whirligig park or acid park was created.

I asked the locals on its current status and they told me the place is closed due to renovation. The city plans to re open the whirligigs park somewhere else using the attraction from its original site. The new whirligigs park will be located in downtown Wilson with all of Simpson’s original work along with new ones.  Also, the place isn’t haunted and the story was made up.

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