Old bluff Presbyterian church (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

Old bluff Church was one of those places that i stumbled upon when i was surfing the web.
Someone posted an interesting story about this so called “haunted place” so i did a bit of digging and visiting. The made up story features a preacher flipping out and killing everyone in the church on a Halloween night. It’s known that if you go to the church and read the big stone memorial and walk up to the doors to read the sign and do what it tells you to do; you will see a man holding a lantern and he will wave you on.

It’s funny really, the stone memorials list nothing but names and the years of the person buried along with short quotes about life upon visit.  There is a small house next to this church that’s known to be haunted. An old lady lives there and have been around the place for all her life.  One of my friend Daily talked to her and got some stories about the place for me. The killings didn’t happen and is boarded up with woods on windows and doors due to constant vandalism.

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