The screaming bridge (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

I can’t say it’s haunted, but I did see some freaky stuff at this site as shown in the video.
There may be other places called the screaming bridge, but this one is special because the story about the bridge is more colorful than the ones told by that of other’s.

The story goes like this.
A young girl who belonged to the Yarrell family drowned in the Sweet Water Creek under the original Screaming Bridge (the original bridge was wooden and not concrete. Recently, they have renovated the bridge due to decomposition). Her apparition has been seen a number of times and people have reported hearing the girls screams since the 1800’s. This story is the least frightening story out of all the other stories about the bridge that’s floating around the web, so if you are interested, you can search for more.

I went ahead and mentioned other stories in the video i made on my visit there. I must say, i didn’t expect to see a carcass of a deer when i visited the bridge at midnight.  I still can’t say it’s haunted, because i didn’t witness any paranormal activity, but it did have an eerie environment.

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