Stumphouse Tunnel (HAUNTED TRAVEL)

The place is more like a cave, rather than a tunnel.  Make sure you take a flashlight, because it’s fairly dark in there. The tunnel is supposedly haunted by Cherokee Indians and former tunnel workers.  Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, you’ll see a metal gate that is chained up, blocking you from going in farther.  The locals say that if you throw a ball inside of it, something will throw the ball back to you.  Others say they saw a guy walking by dressed in old clothes while carrying an old lantern.

IMG_2114 IMG_2116 IMG_2121 IMG_2124IMG_2125 IMG_2129 IMG_2135 IMG_2138

As you can see from my picture of the tunnel, it doesn’t go in too deep.  My friend daily and I haven’t seen anything special, but maybe that’s due to all the visitors that were there at the time.  The gate was indeed locked up, but we did see graffiti on the other side, so someone must have gotten in.  We also spotted a weird fish as shown in the picture (not sure exactly what it is).  The path inside the cave is surrounded by water, that’s also connected to the waterfall outside, which is pretty neat.

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