Do Japanese people eat healthy ?

I always believed that Japanese had a healthy diet, since most of the population have slim figure, but that all changed when I traveled to Japan myself.  Believe it or not, most of them don’t eat healthy.  In Japan, quality fresh fruits and vegetables are to come by.  You may have seen articles about square watermelons or colorful fruits that are hand-grown in Japan, but those are quite expensive and aren’t sold in high quantity.  As for restaurants, organic food is hard to come by.  Almost all the restaurants I’ve been to consists of high sodium and fat, including sushi restaurants.  

Traditional Japanese cuisine was healthy in the past, but not anymore. Thanks to globalization, Japanese are adapting to western lifestyle.  Japan has the most sweet drinks and salty snacks brands on sale not only in markets, but in vending machines.  Japan is now following the same diet as the western to include burgers and steaks. 

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