Smoky Mountain, the mountain that never goes over 80 degrees

Tennessee is one of the few states that has numerous haunted places.  It’s also the golden place where they shot most of the hunger games series (Few of my favorite films).

There are many paranormal sights to see, but I’d like to talk about the mountain that encloses it all, The great smoky mountain (I took the pictures above the mountain).  Of course there are other mountains like beech mountain, which contains the infamous wizard of oz theme park, but smokey mountain is special.

Firstly, there are 100 different species of tress in smokey mountain.  Second, the place dates back over 300 million years old (they say that glaciers affected the great smoky mountains formation).  Third, the place never hits above 80 degrees!

At first, I thought this was a lie, but it’s actually true.  No temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit has ever been recorded on 6,593-foot Mount LeConte, and it was only 73 degrees when I went there.  It’s the ideal place to be during the summer if you can’t handle the heat.  However, the temperatures do drop below freezing in the winter, so it isn’t a cool 80 degrees all year long. Though you can count on this amazing weather during the summer and other months known for a high heat index.

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