Shiba Park and the Tokyo Year Zero Murders

Ever been to Shiba park?  If you’ve been to Japan, you probably have.  Shiba Park is a beautiful location that’s located next to the Tokyo tower and Zojoji park.  One might believe that this place is just a regular park, but it’s actually known to be haunted.

Near the park is a small shrine that may serve to quiet the ghosts of Kodaira’s victims. Walking here at night is a scary experience.  Unknown presence can be felt all over the area, including the temple and the Tokyo tower zone; I believe this is due to its unique background stories, especially at night time.

(Took extra pictures because everyone else was, that’s me posing in the last picture)

If you’ve read the book Tokyo Year Zero Murder, you should know the story already.  Around August 1946, the bodies of two murdered women were found in Shiba Park on the hillside behind Zojoji temple and the Tokyo tower.  The two murdered females were just part of at least a dozen victims of Yoshio Kodaira, who is one of the most famous Japanese serial killer.

People say that the murderer got his thirst for killing during his time in the Japanese military in Manchuria.  Because the city was disorganized during the war in the 1930s, he went around the city to lure young women to remote locations (Apparently, this place was remote at the time) to rape and kill them. No other bodies have been found here, although the area was subject to an intense search.

If you are interested, try reading the book and visiting the place, I promise you won’t regret it.


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