Odaiba, Japan and Daiba Haunted School

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge.  You can walk through the rainbow bridge (not that long), drive through the bridge, or ride the subway over it.  Odaiba is one of the most attractive part of Japan because is consists of TV studios, ferris wheel, arcades, monuments, cheap cruise, several large shopping malls, and even a a giant Gundam replica.  It’s truly one of the most entertaining place I’ve visited in Japan.  You won’t regret going there, because there are things to do for everyone.

There are many things to see, but I’d like to talk about the haunted school/house (I didn’t include the picture, because i really want you to see the place yourself), that’s located within the shopping center.  It’s hard to miss this place, because it’s the only haunted schoolhouse located within the mall and has a crucified corpse in the front with severed body parts.  Unlike the US, this horror house is open all year and it only costs 800 yen, which is about 8 USD.

The haunted house actually has a background story to go along with it.  Apparently, a girl committed a suicide at the school.  After the incident, the spirit of a young girl returned to make all her classmates die with her. Surprisingly, people began to die one after another, eventually leading to the principal’s decision to permanently close the school.

Now, it’s a haunted house, where you can visit disturbed spirits deep inside the school.  You can also help the spirits by offering a blessing at a Bon fire located deep inside the school to free their soul.  You are provided with a hand-held torch.

My honest opinion is, this is a haunted house like the ones you can see in the states.  Only difference is different story that’s japanese based, which is quite entertaining.

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