South of the Border Motor Inn

South of the Border Motor Inn is one of the few motels around Dillon, SC.  Recently, people have reported paranormal activities, such as mysterious power outages, ghostly apparitions, and dogs going crazy.  It’s not the whole motel, but a particular room that’s supposedly haunted.

Room 305 at the South of the Border Motor Inn managed by Gerald Moody, who’s managed the Motel since it opened in 1984, confirmed that the haunting didn’t start until a few years ago around 1999.  Motel is known to be built on an old cemetery with angry cadavers. There are also stories of two death in room 305, but the manager confirmed any death has never happened.
I have checked the place out myself and have found nothing of sort.  There are no paranormal activity around the area.  The place is more of an family friendly stop that you can drop-by during a road trip.

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