Old Idaho Penitentiary

This week, I’ve checked out the old Idaho Penitentiary, nicknamed the “Old Pen”.  The place was officially opened in 1872.  The place had around 13,000 inmates during its time, 215 of which were women. For most of the early years, the prison had well behaved in mates and functioned without any issues.  However, during the mid 1930s, it became one of the most violent penitentiaries in America.

Many of the cells were outdated, didn’t function properly, and overcrowded, causing stress and the building to over heat.  Prisoners suffered due to inexpensive cell material and structure, which intensified the Idaho summer temperatures inside the cells.  The prisoners began to revolt due to the ill suited cells and the riot didn’t stop until 1973, when the Idaho State Penitentiary was forced to close its doors after it was destroyed in a riot fire.  The place now stands, opened to general public.

There are many who claim to have feeling of unexplained sadness. Some claim that they experience high level of anxiety, and quite a few of them stated they cried.  The prison is believed to be so haunted, in fact, it was even featured on an episode of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.  The story has it that the inmates that have suffered and died there, haunts the place still screaming, sharing their anguish.

My friend and I haven’t seen anything unusual, but maybe I should try coming back during the night.

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