Linville Caverns (Catawba cave) and its Secrets

Scooby Doo used to be one of my favorite book to read as well as one of my favorite cartoon to watch.   In the book
“Secret of the haunted cave”, it talks about a place called Linville caverns, and I happened to remember it when I was driving by.  That was when I’ve decided to make a U turn on a long winding mountain road.

Linville Caverns tunnel is like entering another world filled with bats. The cavern is pretty cold and contains porous limestone throughout, through which the water is continually dripping, so make sure you wear something warm and water proof.

You will have to go in with a group for safety, but even if you are allowed to go alone, You probably wouldn’t.  Since the cave is completely dark, if you happen to lose your flashlight, you’ll be stuck.  The tour guide said it happened before, and if you happen to get stuck in this complete dark cave, you will go blind in three months (I’m not sure if the story is true though).

There are many bigger caverns in the United States, but I personally like Linville Caverns because you get to get as close as you want to the cavern formations.  Guides ask visitors not to touch the walls, except for in one area, where they’re invited to run their fingers over the wet, surprisingly smooth rock.

Near the end of the tour, guide will show you the mysterious bottomless lake. I’m not sure if it really is bottomless, but I couldn’t find any articles that approve nor disapprove this fact. Cave divers have made it down about 40 feet before the crevice got too narrow. A weighted rope descended 250 feet before it hit something and stopped.

What’s so mysterious is that the cave’s secret has yet to be fully discovered.  For example, no one is quite sure where the creek comes from that runs through the passageways.  Not every openings in the caves have been discovered.  It makes me feel like I’m entering an unknown world, where I become scooby doo with the task to unsolve the secrets.  The book and the cave might not have any relevance, but I’m glad I’ve stopped by.

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