Grandfather mountain and the phantom hiker

Grandfather Mountain got its name from the the shape which resembles the head of a bearded old man laying down in sleep. The place has numerous things to see, such as, a zoo, a habitat, and a museum.  Hiking is one of the main attractions that brings people to the park, especially the swinging bridge.  This popular tourist spot (trail) however, has reported sights of many ghosts.

One of the most reported ghost is called the phantom hiker of Grandfather Mountain.  The ghost is said to be an older man, bearded, with a rough and grizzled appearance.  The phantom hiker apparently wears old-fashioned workman’s clothes that looks like they’re from the middle of the Twentieth Century. He wears a rough canvas army backpack and carries a long walking stick.


-Top of the grandfather mountain picture-

Bridge Video short

Grandfather mountain bear video short

The old ghost hiker has been reported to appear mostly around the evening, when the sun begins to go down.  This is when most of the hikers are forced to walk back to their car before the park closes.  When you do see the phantom hiker, he will not talk nor acknowledge any greeting. He simply appears and swiftly vanishes.

People say he’s some hiker who became lost in the the thick woods around the mountain, and fell or was injured and was unable to make his way back out. Others have said he’s just the spirit of a man who loved the mountain so much that he chose to stay there after he died.

This ghostly hiker seems to do no harm. He seems to want little to do with people in general. He only seems to be there, like all the other visitors, to enjoy the natural wonder of Grandfather Mountain.

There is a story about someone’s experience with the phantom hiker at the link below.

I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but it’s a pretty entertaining story to read.


Also, a picture of my friends who got stuck on top of a rock.

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