Hanging Girl from the Covered Bridge

This bridge has been around for decades and is mainly used to cross a small river that is no longer there.  This covered bridge doesn’t have any stories online, but the locals from Sanford, NC has many to share.  Since you can’t find any stories online, I think you’ll find this pretty interesting.

I came across this bridge on the way to Carbonton dam and noticed a strange white figure near the area.  I stopped by to see what it was, but it turned out to be a trash bag.  Apparently, they offer wedding services near the area and some people have had their wedding photography sessions at the site.  The bridge was one of the main place to take pictures at due to its old structure (covered bridge is rare now a days after all, and the background nature setting was actually soothing).


Locals say that if you take pictures at the bridge, you’ll see a girl hanging from the bridge, with its eyes staring at you and your counterpart.  The girl’s background story varies, but it basically goes like this.  A girl who was supposed to have her wedding near the bridge has been dumped by her fiance on the day of the wedding.  Her fiance had apparently found an another lover, deserting her on their wedding day.  Heart-broken, the girl commits suicide by hanging herself on the bridge, where she planned to have their wedding photo taken.

The girl haunts the bridge to ensure that no other married couples take pictures.  She will show up to ruin your wedding.  If you are either by yourself or with friends, she will not get involved and will leave you alone.  However, if you plan to marry near the site, the spirit will appear to cast evil upon you and your finance during your ceremony.

Is this story real or not?  It’s up to you to find out.  1 (true) else 0 (false).

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