Knowing your Target Market

Online marketing is strategic.  To generate proper traffic, you’ll need to develop a proper framework.

Before you advertise, what you need to pinpoint out is your target market, such as, customers, prospects (potential customers), and partners in crime.  This is the basics!  Marketing is nothing without its target market!

As a marketing agent, you need to think of questions like what do my customers like?  How do they/will they feel about my products?  What do these customers value?

Knowing your target market help you decide what kind of graphics/words are effective towards your target market (superbowl ads like ultra beer commercial are usually aimed towards adult males who loves drinking and football because that’s their target market).  Even if your website isn’t ecommerce, the same concept applies.  For example, if you own a cooking blog website, you need to know what type of article will be the most appealing to your market.  If you have a data that shows high traffic from Asian countries, then decide what kind of recipe they like and write about it.

The best way to know your customers are by gathering data.  What worked best for me was setting up fake websites to see what prospects were interested in the fake products that weren’t developed yet.  I’ve gather data by pulling information from variety of websites and my own.  Simple database like SQL can easily store user’s general information like their demographics, what website led them to your site, and their computer OS.  Database can also generate a report for you to use or you can use google analytics (which will generate reports with a click of a button).

There are other method of collecting data as well, such as, communicating with others (use forums, social media, or face to face surveys), paying Facebook for data, and more.  Ecommerce websites may focus on data like visitor’s salary, location, and age while blog websites may focus on visitor’s interest and leisure activities.

One secret I can tell you is that almost everyone who spends time online loves a website that constantly engages with its customers, just like customer service you’d see at a regular store (most of them wants human interaction, only reason why they shop online instead of at a store is due to time constraints).  When you decide to implement tools like social media, email, forum, chat, and more, you’d need to be actively engaged with your target market or they’ll leave you.  A good old example would be a server who isn’t refilling your drinks (same concept applies online).

By the time you read this, you probably have a solid idea about who your target market is.  If you are unsure, do more research by talking with a consultant relative to your field (talk with a clothing line consultant if you own a clothing ecommerce store), gathering more data, engaging in communication with other fellow business owners, or any other methods not talked about in this post.


If you are confident that you know who your target market is, you can now sail on to do your research on how they react to different ads.  Every Ads have different click per purchase ratio because some might be more effective than others.  I may talk about this in my future post.

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