How endangered species can affect the economy

It’s viral that humanity act to save the polar bear, so that it can protect the ecosystem.  The existence of polar bears arr very important because it’s considered an umbrella species.  “Polar bears represent the end point of the sea ice ecosystem as we know it today. This is the very same system that helps regulate global climate” (York).  Polar bears help regulates the population of their prey, such as the sea seals.  The control of sea seals is important because it can affect other part in the ecosystem, “Seals love to eat seafood, including the kinds of fish—striped bass, bluefish, and cod—sought out by area fishermen and local restaurants” (Starobin).  Because of the dependent nature of the system, affecting one species can have a significant impact on other creatures.

Companies are now spending more money to take precautions not to disturb the bears and their habitat.  This is important for companies not because of the money you’ll have to pay by lawsuits by environmentalists but because its effect on economy.  “As the northern ice melts (with many ice shelves not lasting through the summer) and the polar bear disappears, salmon prices are not the only thing that will be affected. As salmon prices rise, less and less people would be buying salmon, damaging the revenues of fishing companies large and small. Salmon fishing crews would have to be cut back, costing many jobs. So, in a way, less polar bears mean more unemployment” (Cenname).


When products sold are scarce, the nature of the market will bring its price up.  This is the basics of economy when talking about supply and demand.  If bears do go extinct, overpopulation of seals might bring down the amount of seafood, which in turn will affect one thing to another.  Commercial fishing industries are now realizing this and is starting to become more dependent on regulation that are trying to save the existence of the bears.  Clearly, even humanity can’t exist without depending on other species.  It’s very important for humanity to act to save the endangered species because of the chain effect it can cause.


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