Advertising your site on social media

You probably already tried posting your blog links on sites like Reddit or
twitter before coming here to read this article.  At least I’m hoping you
did, because that means you’ve already tried something before coming here to
raise your marketing strategy to better generate traffic.  Advertising is
basically sales, since you are making potential customers come to your
website for your products or services (you are doing this to make money,
right?).  Social media can be used to better your current method of
advertisement, for example, instead of sending email to your subscribers
(which may lower traffic, especially if you are running an ecommerce), it’s
better to connect with your subscribers by using twitter to promote new
Social media may cost a bit while others may not even cost anything at all,
but it is definitely a good way to advertise because a good social media
site collects a user’s information properly and know what the users want.  A
good social media site like Facebook have great leads to whatever your
business may need, since they have a database with all of user’s

What you need to know first before advertising your site on social media is
knowing your target market (I’ve already wrote an article about this one, so
you can go read about it).  After that, do your research on which social
media is the most used for the target market.  There are multiple social
media, but you got to find out which one is mostly used for your audience
and which one has been proven the most effective for your niche (different
people hang out at different social media sites).  Your money will be better
spent if it’s used on proper social media marketing.  Twitter, 9gag, local
forums, Facebook, google plus, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, local forums,
LinkedIn, and much more are out there and it’s up to you to choose which one
is the right social media your business.  Most well designed interface offer
detailed analytics platform to compare campaigns against each other, so you
can do a low cost trial before deciding on where to put in more money.
Second thing to consider before advertising on social media is your budget.
YouTube tends to have one of the highest conversion rates and the highest
ROI, but it requires a high quality video that can be costly.  Reddit and
stumble upon might be a better option if you have low budget, especially if
you have a specific audience.  Find out how much money you are willing to
spend and see what kind of options are available for you.  Email potential
social media sites you’ve researched and ask for their price, so you can run
multiple campaigns to see which one offers higher ROI and which designs are
most effective on the social media site.
Last thing you need to consider is how to make your ads effective.  This is
where marketing majors come in handy, since they know what is attractive and
what is not.  You got to know which designs/ideas/concepts are the most
effective for your demographics and where it needs to be placed (location is
important for real business, but it’s important online as well).
Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to come up with attractive ads and
place them correctly to generate traffic.  Although there are many different
ads, highest conversion rates come from ads that “offers” (free 3 day offer
or click here to get free 30 day magazine offer).  Ads like “offers” are the
most clicked on Facebook because it’s placed in the news feed rather than
right hand column where you usually see marketplace ads.
As you advertise, you’ll gather data and find out which marketing strategies
are most effective.  Remember to keep these records so you can improve on
it.  I may write a more advanced post about this topic, but who knows?

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