Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorite writer…

This museum located in Richmond, Virginia is dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.  Sadly, the man himself did not live in the place.  The place however does include his furniture and other weird stuff he owned, such as his bed that has been passed down(which is pretty weird I think).  The museum holds the most collections of Edgar Allan Poe.  Stuff like his original manuscripts, letters, bed, pens, memorabilia and other personal belongings of Edgar Allan Poe can be found here.

The tour guide will take you around the museum while explaining the man’s life and career as if he/she knew him.  The place might be smaller than you think, but it’s filled with numerous amount of stories and items that will keep you entertained for a good hour.  In a certain room at the museum, there is also a murder mystery area where you can write who’ve committed the crime and put it in a small box.  There is a black cat that walks around here and there along with a cute gift shop that sells nifty stuff as well.  I won’t write any more about the museum, since it’s a place that you yourself should visit and enjoy yourself.  If I had to rate the place, I’d personally give 3.6 out of 5, but this is my opinion.

Nearby, there are dozens of restaurants that has great food within walking distance.  Make sure you walk around the town and enjoy the food and the beauty.

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