Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia

The land of Virginia may be for lovers, but not on the ground of Hollywood cemetery.  This place has a lot of urban legends from vampires to colonial ghosts, but what interested me the most was its sight and its name.  Hollywood cemetery stands up to its name and offers a beautiful sight that is to be revered at.

The place is huge and is filled with many bikers and even joggers (I’ve decided to ride my electric skateboard around the place, since it’s big).  This isn’t something you’d expect, but it’s more of a park than a cemetery.  Either way, the place offers both a beautiful and eerie feeling to a person’s soul.

If you want, you can look up and read about the story of the vampire, a creature that escaped the tunnel, or maybe the lovely dog that roams around the cemetery before you visit the place.  This is definitely one of my favorite cemetery I’ve visited.

I’ve included a short video and pictures (you are free to use the pictures however you wish) for your amusement.  Hope you enjoy

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