How to build backlinks, an SEO campaign

Before generating backlinks

When websites other than your own refers visitors to your website, it creates what’s called a “backlink”.  Building backlinks can be time consuming and costly, because you’ll need to do a lot of research on what websites are effective.

Before generating backlinks, you must make sure that your website has a valuable content, strong architecture, and is optimized.  This is very important because backlinks will backfire on you if your website is not optimized.  How so?  Through the power of bounce rate.

Your backlinks may create traffic in the beginning, but your SEO will drop if you have a high bounce rate (  Google basically use bounce rate to rank your website on their search system and if it has a high bounce rate, your ranking will drop, leaving you invisible.  When a visitor comes to your website and leaves really quick, it raises your bounce rate.  This tells Google that your website isn’t worth looking at and drops your ranking, leaving your website on the bottom of all the other websites out there in the digital world.  After you’ve made your website optimized, have strong architecture, and have valuable content, we can start the back linking process.

Process of Creating Backlinks

What kind of backlinks do you want to create?  An indestructible one!  If you just leave your link all over the websites, not only will this mess up your bounce rate, people will start flagging your website.  Some people who doesn’t know what they’re doing can mess up his or her website this way (or if you buy an amateur SEO manager to do it for you).

The best place for you to create a backlink are on forums and on comment sections.  These backlinks will drag people in like ants!  People who usually engage in forum or comment section are the ones who love to surf the website.  Make sure you yourself become a member of all the forums and blogs out there and engage with the community, not only to leave backlinks but to learn what the community want in your particular niche.

Next best stop for backlinks are on social media.  Facebook, twitter, Google, pinterest, reddit, and Instagram.  Make sure you have a business account for all of these social media sites and engage with the community through it.  Try to go easy with sharing links in the beginning and focus on growing followers.

Now this next one is a secret of mine and I know for sure not many people do it.  Do research on all the other websites out there on your niche, including other languages (yes ladies and gentlemen, all the other languages).  Go to google translate and see what your niche is in that language and find foreign websites related to your niche.  Crazy right?  NO!  People in other countries can’t find your content because they don’t type English on google (they even have Japanese version of google, so yea).  If you own a blog, ecommerce, and so on, it’ll be difficult to do this; but if you own a video streaming websites, then I will tell you this is the most effective way to bring in visitors.  Foreign traffic is now bigger than domestic, so make sure to work on your foreign customers as well.


Next stop will be internal backlinks.  If you have a blog or news website, you should be working on retaining your visitors.  Best way to do this is either have related posts at the bottom of the article or internal backlinks in the article itself.  For example, go here ( to learn more about increasing your website traffic through SEO optimization.

Fellow website owners are the next best stop for back linking.  Reach out to these people and ask them if they would like to share traffic by usage of backlinks.  Whichever content they generate next, they can mention your website and vice versa.  Some websites who own index or ranking sites will happy to put your website if they like your content.  Some bloggers love writing about other websites, so they might even do it for free.

There are more ways to backlink, but I think I’ve covered the basics.  As always, do your own research and question people’s work and idea that you find online.  Learn to test them out and accept them if it works.  “Question what you find in the online world” – true else false (1else0).

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