Ways to make money online part time

When I was young, I used to search the keyword “how to make money online part time” every day, in hopes of finding something that can generate some cash.  Most of these websites gave me unwanted options like filling out surveys, mystery shopping, and other crazy stuff that seemed fishy.  Not only that, these websites never really told you how everything worked.  So today, I’ve decided to write about some of the ways you can earn money (part time only).

Gambling online

First option is gambling online.  Yea it’s ridiculous, but gambling online is legal.  You can get into sports gambling on sites like sportsbetting.ag or slots on slots.lv.   These websites use PayPal if you are worried that these websites scam or not (they really don’t).  There are websites that are on blacklist according to casino.org, such as, (euro play casino for failure to pay players) or (balzac casino for fake game play).  Be sure to keep an eye on which website is legit or not before you begin gambling.  Websites like plantcasino, slotslv, and ignition casino have huge amount of players and it really works.  It’s really simple.  For slots.lv, you go in and sign up.  After signing up, you put money in to your account and choose the game you want to play.  From there, you either win or lose and can convert your digital winning into real currency.

Sell your class notes or tutor

There are a lot of websites where you can tutor and sell class materials.  Course hero is a great example.  I’ve used course hero myself and have bought and sold class materials for money (have paid someone to do my homework as well).  There’s also wiziq, muchenough, tutor hub, happytutors, tutorvista, and much more.  You can do your research, but coursehero has worked the best for me when it came to making pocket money.  You just sign up and receive payment after you give him or her your service.  It’s simple as that.  Most of these requires college degrees, so if you don’t have anything, you are pretty much out of luck.

Apply for a part time job

There are a lot of jobs available online that you can do, including being a model for adult websites (yep. Good webcam models make over 6 figures, as much as a famous adult model.  Why do you think there are so many webcam website pop ups?  They have money to pay for it, since they get 50% of what models earn).

The amount of jobs is countless, but you will need to have a specialized skill.  Go out there and learn something new!  Go learn Video editing to be a part time YouTuber, learn how to code to develop an app or a website, learn how to draw to be a graphic designers and more.  Making money begins with gaining more knowledge first (sorry guys, this is reality).

If you have knowledge to share, try writing for a blog for someone.  There are websites like listverse, toptenz, alistapart, internationalliving, fundsforwriters, uxbooth, and more.  Do your research and find a good blog website that falls under a particular niche that you are knowledgeable in.


Yes, ladies and gentleman.  The next best stop in making money is tax.  Filing tax yourself not only gives you knowledge, you save more in the long run.  If you don’t have any stocks or businesses, you should really consider doing the taxes yourself online.  Most tax codes apply to business owners, so there really isn’t that much to memorize when it comes to filing your own tax.  Just study up and boom!  Save yourself couple hundred bucks by doing it yourself.  Most tax prep at liberty or block doesn’t even have degrees, you are basically paying high schoolers to do it for you (this is real peoples).  Better to do it yourself or leave it to smart accountants (don’t really need them unless you own a business or mess with stocks and properties).


There are lot of things you can rent that you own.  More so than you think.  If you own a house, you’ve probably heard of Airbnb.  If you have a parking spot (especially in the city), you can rent that on “spot app” or “just park” as well.  You can rent cars, bikes, kitchen, text books, music, photographs, clothes (YEP! Clothes), notes, and much more.


There are many ways you can earn money (a lot of them not even listed on this article), but you will need study more and work harder.  Money doesn’t come easy and the system isn’t built to make money come easy.  Keep doing your research, read more books, talk to more people, and attend more seminars.  I wish you all good luck!


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