What are outsourcing / freelancing websites?

There are many people out there with great business ideas but don’t have certain skills they need to bring it to life. They either need to find a partner or hire someone to make his or her ideas work. I’d like to focus on freelancing / outsourcing websites for this article and how you can use it to find yourself some of the greatest workers that will help your business.

You may or may not have heard of a website called fiverr. This is a type of freelancing / outsourcing website that offers numerous amount of service that you may not be good at. Logo design, website design, SEO, back linking, social signaling, animating, video editing, music producing, and much more are offered on websites like these.

All these service depends on what kind of results you want for your product. Find the service provider, read his or her comments, see his or her work, and decide if the applicants profile suits your idea. Since there are massive amount of service providers, it’ll be difficult to find quality sellers, so you should spend at least a week before handing out your money to avoid low quality sellers.  If you do a little research by searching the keywords “is getting  book proofread worth it on fiverr?  You’ll probably get different answers, with most of them saying it’s waste of money.  I personally think most services offered on fiverr aren’t worth it for big projects, but it’s still good money spent for smaller projects  If you need someone to proof read and edit your dissertation, find a higher quality editor on other outsourcing / freelancing websites.

If you are the service provider and not the buyer, websites like Fiverr takes 20% of your income. This is twice the amount what eBay charges you when you sell merchandise using its service. If you are the service provider and you actually have a lot of buyers, look into either starting your own website or use alternatives like 99designs, SEO clersk, gigbuys, sourcemarket, microworkers, gigbucks, fourerr, taskarmy, tenbux, and more.

Because there is a lot of competition in certain marketplace like fiverr, prices for the service is low. This may seem like a very good deal for people looking to buy cheap services, while it seems bad for the sellers; however, this only generates false advertising, bad quality goods, and possible harm to your company (if you get bad SEO experts, they may mess up your bounce rate, which in the long run, ruin your website).  Also, good service provider won’t stick around and will leave to go somewhere else, leaving you with bad options.

Ensure you look at the service itself more than the price. Also, leave a detailed comments for the seller, so that others may benefit as you did. If you are a buyer, make sure you check other alternative websites and don’t stick to only one. Good sellers can be anywhere, so make sure you do research.

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