Is it safe to buy YouTube views? If so, how do you do it!

Buying YouTube video views is just advertising, as long as you do the business with the right people.  If you are looking into sites like fiverr or seoclerks, you are asking for trouble.  YouTube monitors video views closely, so try not to use shady websites that are cheap. No you won’t get banned, because users started buying views for competitors, resulting in malicious attack and changed their ways.  Buying fake views can still hurt because YouTube will do occasional sweeps of views and review your contents.
Service provided by honest websites like facebook is the best way to go.  Even though one view will cost 4-5 cents, it will never get banned or deleted.  These are verified as humans targeted to your keyword watching the video, so they’re sure to stick around to watch your channel if you have similar contents.
If you happen to buy a service that you’ve never tried before, make sure you turn off your monetization so that adsense doesn’t get messed up with improper traffic you might or might not get.  Also, if the service includes it, buy likes and comments.  Having more engagement rates can help raise subscribers and make your video look more reputable.  It can also rank you better in search results.
Everything comes with a price, if you don’t have a lot of money to offer, just save up.  Do your research by engaging in forums to see what services are good and what’s not.

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