Abandoned Henry River Mill Village (District 12 from the hunger games)

I got to be honest with you.  This has to be one of the most beautiful abandoned location I’ve ever visited. Henry River Mill Village is just one of the hidden jewel waiting to be found by many travelers.

The place doesn’t really have keep off signs (some parts of the location do) and actually have quite bit of tourists lurking about taking pictures.  Mainly the hunger games fans.

Henry River Mill shut down in 1973, but the town began to die way before that. People moved away because of change in the era.  The town was completely abandoned in 1987, when its last resident left. All that now remains is a beautiful ghost town from the industrial age with a soothing dam nearby.

The whole town is actually owned by a single man. 83-year-old Wade Shepherd, who is a nearby resident, owns all 20 buildings in Henry River Mill Village property. He bought them because he had nothing to do I guess.

However, the location mainly attracts vandals and rapscallions up to no good, so the place is actually a mess.  One time, the place was covered with keep signs everywhere due to high rates of vandals.

Thanks to the film “The hunger games”, Henry River Mill Village came to life in 2012.  This run down village was a perfect setting for the post-apocalyptic dystopia District 12 featured in the film The Hunger Games. The town was featured in several scenes, and became an instant hot spot for tourists and thrill-seekers.

It’s definitely one of the place I would recommend for travelers to visit.  Trust me, you wouldn’t regret it.

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