Annie Lytle elementary school (HAUNTED TRAVEL)

The school is covered with no enter sign everywhere.  I’ve included many urban legends and local stories in the video, but most you guys should already know they’re not true.  However, I thought it’d be interesting to include it, since the stories were pretty spooky.  Locals love to make up their own and share them with you if they ever see you lurking about the school (yes.. someone spotted me walking around and pulled me aside to tell me their made up version of the story).

I couldn’t enter the school directly, because I didn’t want to break the law.  Instead, I flew my drone over the site and noticed that it was pretty much falling apart.  They do have local gather ups time to time, but there’s pretty much nothing to see.  All in all, I wouldn’t recommend visiting the location, unless you know someone who can legally enter.  It’s pretty dangerous as you can see in the video, so I would suggest you stay away, unless you know someone who knows the location fairly well.

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