Cameron barnstormer murals

Okay, so this place is actually pretty neat.  It’s located in Cameron, North Carolina and it’s basically a town built upon tobacco farming.

There are numerous abandoned tobacco barns painted over by a group called “barnstormer” who are bunch of New York graffiti artists.  Artist named David Ellis, who grew up in Cameron apparently had fond memories of this place and decided to form a group to paint over the barns to leave something behind (and yes, they did get approval to do so).  So Ellis formed a group called “barnstormer” by inviting artists from New York and Tokyo to create murals on aging tobacco barns in 1999.

Yes!  The place still exists in 2017 even after 18 years and still stands strong.  The colorful barns are easy to spot and there are areas you can park you car, so you can just walk around.  Its actually a pretty cool place to drop by if you have free time.

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