North Wilkesboro Speedway

This place is under watch.  When I visited the site with my friends, the security guy told us to leave the premise because we were too close to the keep out zone.  However, It’s fine to visit the place and walk around it.  What I did was fly the drone over it, so I could get some cool video shots.

This Defunct Pillar of NASCAR is a place filled with stories and memories.  I’ve visited the location due to its prior glory days, so I can compare to what it was to what it is now.  The speedway is a 5/8-mile track and isn’t the most fanciest track they have out right now.  The crowds for NASCAR outgrew this track and the track found itself unable support the growth of its crowd.

However, I can say that if you truly love the sport, it’s worth visiting the place.  You can see what NASCAR was once like in this abandoned race track and compare to what it is now.  Maybe if you ask the owner, he’ll even give you a tour.

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