How to maximize persuasiveness over the network

Teams that consist of people from different physical areas are on the rise.  As technology help organization extend geologically and promote working from home, working with others over the network is becoming the norm.

The new generation can deal with both their work and individual lives while organization can utilize the best and most minimal cost worldwide ability while diminishing costs, such as property overseas.

If I can’t visit the team members in person and must persuade them on an important matter online, I would first notify them of the issue by utilizing an email.  Send them a file that contains information like what the issue is, what people with individual talents can bring to the table before the meeting, the meeting time, the meeting method, such as utilizing skype or IM, and etc..

Next, I would hold the meeting by utilizing a software that uses both video and audio.  I believe that telephone calls, IM, and emails are effective, but not when you are trying to have a conference to persuade.  One needs to use channels with high media-richness and social presence to be persuasive.

Before the meeting, I will gather as much information as possible as well as work on your impression management.  It’s easy to dress sloppy when you have a meeting online at your home, but one should keep it professional to let others know you are serious.  Remember, online or not, you are presenting yourself as a product to others.  Think about how you will present yourself to include, manners, tone,  and gestures.

During the meeting, I’d first listen to other people’s ideas first before talking about your own.  This gives you enough time to prepare facts, logical arguments, and emotional appeals to persuade other team members. If you are not able to go last, remember the inoculation effect.

Lastly, I will give feedback to others and ask for feedback for myself as well.  I will gather all the information and make a meeting minute.  If I couldn’t persuade them in the first meeting, I would ask for a second meeting and be better prepared for counter argument.



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