ROKU stock

So it happened.  Like all IPO stocks, ROKU opened the market strong and closed with 24.39 USD.  I jumped in at 21 USD because it was lingering there for a while and I believe the bull will run it up tomorrow.  Even after-hours, it went up 3.79%.

Usually for IPO stocks, you should buy them as soon as it opens up and run after you make a small profit.  However, ROKU is one of those company that may actually do pretty well.  They generated about 400 million dollars in revenue last year, so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

This stock’s movement is definitely going to be interesting tomorrow.  Many will try to short out for quick profit from 15 to 25, but there will also be numerous long term holders.  Then there are numerous corporations that already bought into this prior to the public market as well as bag holders.

ROKU’s main competitors will be amazon and google, but I can already guarantee google falls out of the competition due to the lack of user friendly options.  Amazon’s fire stick however, may have a little competitive edge, but it’s something to keep our eyes on.

This stock will definitely hit 30 USD + tomorrow, but it will be highly volatile due to many trying to short it out.  ROKU is still an unprofitable company after all.

All in all, I think ROKU is definitely woth around 25 dollars, so it should be around that range when everything flattens out in couple of months.

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