Hanging Girl from the Covered Bridge

This bridge has been around for decades and is mainly used to cross a small river that is no longer there.  This covered bridge doesn’t have any stories online, but the locals from Sanford, NC has many to share.  Since you can’t find any stories online, I think you’ll find this pretty interesting….

Grandfather mountain and the phantom hiker

Grandfather Mountain got its name from the the shape which resembles the head of a bearded old man laying down in sleep. The place has numerous things to see, such as, a zoo, a habitat, and a museum.  Hiking is one of the main attractions that brings people to the park, especially the swinging bridge.  This…

Linville Caverns (Catawba cave) and its Secrets

Scooby Doo used to be one of my favorite book to read as well as one of my favorite cartoon to watch.   In the book “Secret of the haunted cave”, it talks about a place called Linville caverns, and I happened to remember it when I was driving by….

Old Idaho Penitentiary

This week, I’ve checked out the old Idaho Penitentiary, nicknamed the “Old Pen”.  The place was officially opened in 1872.  The place had around 13,000 inmates during its time, 215 of which were women. For most of the early years, the prison had well behaved in mates and functioned without any…

South of the Border Motor Inn

South of the Border Motor Inn is one of the few motels around Dillon, SC.  Recently, people have reported paranormal activities, such as mysterious power outages, ghostly apparitions, and dogs going crazy.  It’s not the whole motel, but a particular room that’s supposedly haunted. Room 305 at the South of the Border…