Adventure to Oakland cemetery in Atlanta, GA (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

Today, I visited the Oakland cemetery in Atlanta, GA, known to be haunted by many enthusiast. The place have been around since the early 1800’s and is divided into multiple sections to include blank, potter, Jew, confederate, and other race sections, which was pretty unique in its own way. The cemetery…

Adventure to a haunted bridge in Marietta, GA (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

During my High School years, I’ve heard countless stories about the haunted bridge that was located in Marietta, GA.  The story is that there are dead souls wandering inside the haunted bridge and anyone who entered would get lost inside of it for eternity.  These souls were once homeless people who…

Hell’s Church and its story (HAUNTED TRAVEL VIDEO)

If you live around canton, GA, you may have heard about a place called hell’s church, especially if you are a horror enthusiast.  I’ve went to the site with my friend John to see if it’s worth visiting, and I must say, it’s the most haunted place we’ve been to….

Gambling in Japan with pachinko machines

Did you know that casinos are illegal in Japan?  Although they have many other ridiculous gambling like Toto – J-League Soccer Pools, Bicycle Racing, Mahjong, and boat racing, the infamous casinos are still outlawed. Of all the ridiculous gambling, I believe that pachinko and horse racing are the most popular…

What is a BJD Doll? (Short Documentary project)

It’s hard to find a niche to make a documentary about, since most of them already exist.  However, I managed to find a interesting topic to cover, a BJD doll.  Ball jointed doll was an interesting topic to learn about because it was something for the minority.